About Us

We help you design and deliver a winning technical communications strategy, content strategy and component content strategy to support your organisation right across the value chain: from your employees to your partners, licensees, and third-party developer ecosystem. With our specialist knowledge and experience, we can work closely with you and assist you in many ways, including:

  • Building the right information architecture and single source content models that ensure you always work with a ‘real source of truth’ and remain fully compliant with regulatory requirements, whatever industry you are in.
  • Providing the vendor and tool evaluation advice and support you need to ensure any solution you implement delivers the end-to-end user and developer experience your employees, customers, and partners expect from you.
  • Supporting you with the coaching, training, recruitment, team selection, change management and programme management expertise you need to move from requirements to solution design, to a smooth and effective roll out.
  • Ensuring that the benefits and ROI you expect to see are measured and realised by all stakeholders, as well as at the business bottom line.

Our Management Team

Mark Clifford, Managing Director

Mark has successfully led the CSL Group since 2003, building up a global presence. He has more than 30 years experience providing the resources and expertise to help organisations increase awareness and usability of their products and services, lower technical support costs, and enhance sales performance – all of which have significantly improved the bottom line.

Martin King, Managing Consultant

Martin is a product information and content management consultant. He has more than 30 years experience helping global companies reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity through effective content management strategies. He is also an acknowledged expert in component content management, technical communications, and change communications.

Our Clients